Are We Doing Monogamy All Wrong?

Agree with this writing in our case, Non-monogamy has made us happier and more connected! I love and adore my husband and the freedoms we share.

Pleazure Seekers

As if we needed the Ashley Madison data breach to tell us that infidelity is rampant in marriages.  Studies are consistently showing that 70-75% of men and women will cheat on their spouses at some point during their relationship.  And the consequences are severe… over half of marriages end in divorce… with infidelity and sexual incompatibility cited as one of the top reasons.

Clearly the traditional monogamous, till death do we part, relationship model is not optimal.

An increasing number of couples – with full male and female consent – are beginning to wonder if at least part of the problem is not our cultural fixation on sexual monogamy.

Thus the rise of ethical non-monogamy.

More and more couples are starting to feel that while they would like to be emotionally and primarily connected to their spouse for the long haul, that long term commitment would be made easier is…

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BBC Threesome

I’m so excited today a new BBC has landed in my lap. We met him last night. I’ve been talking to him about 3 weeks. I honestly didn’t know if it would work out. The last and only BBC turned out to be sexually incredible and stunning but was too agressive with my time so I had to end it.  I was a little gun shy going into this one.  It so turns out he was really a polite gentleman, selective,  and sexy as hell.  I’ve joked with my husband he has a body like an Olympian.  There’ll almost certainly be more to the story. He lives within an hour’s drive. I just might have to have this one in my bed. More to come…..I can’t wait!

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Butterflies – FMF rewarding my Bull

Butterflies fill me.  I’m not normally nervous!  Tonight brings a new experience.   My preference is for MFM and the occasional MF.  I’m used to me in the center of attention.  A blessing I know. I have been spoiled! Today brings something new. 

My most recent bull…..the best I’ve had in fact.  Propositioned me for a FMF with his new sexy girlfriend.  I’m dealing with all kinds of nerves today.  I hope this all goes well. Maybe I am intimidated by women or maybe I just don’t like sharing.  This could turn out to be something amazing and longer lasting….but something in me tells me this may be the last time I’ll enjoy this fulfilling dominant bull as he transitions from a single bull to a couple.   I’m excited for tonight but also saddened.  It’s so hard to find a 3rd with all of his qualities!  Huge cock,  full of kink, dominant nature, and yet admires me thoroughly.  His normal world completely different than mine but perfectly connected sexually. Rare qualities…..I will appreciate tonight but prepare myself  to have to let go of this one so he can build a real relationship. 
I will take one very special thing with me.  I’ve learned….a dominant bull is exactly what I need in the bedroom that is.  Nothing hotter that being directed, admired, rewarded, and slightly punished.  Yes Sir this adventure has been a very good lesson in discovering my true needs!  Thank you Sir!

His rewarding Hotwife

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Craving something new! Erotic vacation?

As I take a break from my bull hunt I find myself wanting to experience something new to give me that rush.  Something I can experience with my husband.   It’s time for some research….erotic venues and/or erotic vacations.  Anyone care to chime in? Where would you go for an erotic vacation? Someplace moderate to upscale with a sexually charged atmosphere. 

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New man who?

It’s been so long since I’ve posted!  A few men have come and gone.  One amazing BBC that literally was the best thing ever….until he wanted too much.  Unfortunately had to let that one go.  There has been one other, one with kink….an amazing 1st date..but since then the 2nd date was very dissapointing.  I’ll elaborate at some point but not today.  

I know i’ve said this before. Finding the right playdate is fricken difficult.  Pretty bummed about my latest activities.  Thinking maybe it’s time for a break. 



A New Man….a Welcome Change

I’ve been struggling, craving my favorite lover for months.  He frustrates me.  He is the only partner I’ve been involved with that treats me the way I like.    He has this sort of control over me.  The only man that confidently swats my ass, takes doesn’t ask,  loves anal play to an extreme, borderline rough and dominant ….yet always, always makes sure I’m satisfied and has a warm intimate way about him when we are together.  I feel absolutely worshipped by him in his physical presence .  I could go on easily.  He physically does everything perfect when its time to play.  The perfect playdate. No commitments and amazing sex. The problem….he is missing in action in between playtime and I get little to no notice when he’s coming to town..and he disappears for months at a time with zero contact.  Anticipating and preparing for a date is part of the  pleasure.

Understandably, I am a hotwife. I’m don’t expect commitments exactly. But….finding a really good sexual partner is difficult. I prefer a long term partner like him to continue to push each others envelope over a one night hook up anyday.   Plus, it’s safer that way. 

I considered looking elsewhere for someone more reliable but I knew the search would be tough. Afterall, he’s the best sex I’ve ever had when it comes to playdates. I’ve had my fair share of dates that were not repeated by choice.

Frustration set in and I finally began looking. I don’t know that I want to cut off my favorite but he’s definitely not keeping me satisfied in between visits. As expected not an easy search.  Extremely  discouraging actually. I wont elaborate where I search….but profile after profile…..I’m unimpressed. Unattractive, fake, or attractive but lacking any ability to flirt and hold my attention with charm or wit. I finally decided to quit looking for now..the selection was just not there.

Until a few weeks ago.  Someone new…messaged my inbox.  One guy stood out.  He caught my attention with his immediate charm and good looks.  His confidence is sexy but not arrogant. Appears he has exactly what I’m seeking. Of course my caution is up…as he seems too good to be true. Ideal really. Since then I’ve spent everyday chatting to some extent. This guy is the first man I’ve contacted since  my favorite lover that has made me crave him so quickly.  I’m sure I’ll know soon….I think I’ve found exactly what I’ve been looking for and more.


Secrets…a revealing fantasy

I wonder what it would be like. Revealing my true self in public. Showing my affections for my lovers. Openly having date nights husband in one hand and a lover in the other. Why do I crave this?

Of course consequences are too great to ever expose the truths. The judgement of co-workers, family, kids. A disturbing thought really in this square world. If none of the consequences existed….id love to proclaim….”i love men, i love cock, and i absolutely love it when i find the perfect male kinky partner. I act on my lust for attractive men and its one of the most satisfy experiences of my lifetime. To all those women that would judge me….they would be secretly jealous. I’ve had a handful of the hard sexy bodies they would absolutely drool over….up close and personal in situations they could only fantasize about. I love my life and my experiences. We have a more open and honest marriage than 90% of couples out there and it works. Absolutely getting my cake and eating it to.”

I only wish i had someone to share my secrets with…….

Hello Blog! This is as good as it gets as far a sharing goes right now.

Mrs. Anonymous